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Core Services


Whilst knowing how much tax you owe and producing your accounts is a part of what any accounting firm does, our accountancy service is more about ensuring that you have the information you need so that, with our help, you can proactively plan and manage your business. As well as preparing statutory accounts, we can prepare and deliver profit projections, cashflow projections and management accounts.

We can also build business plans for you, conduct internal audits of your control systems, advise on an appropriate business structure and recommend how your business's directors should pay themselves (be it dividends, bonuses etc).

To help you meet your ad hoc accounting needs, we can arrange secondments for accounting support, technical accounting assistance, recruitment of finance controllers and bookkeepers and references for leases and mortgages (both business and personal). If you need finance then we can handle that too.

The list doesn't end there. We can review stock and debtors, and we can benchmark your financial performance against competitors in your sector. We can also advise you on the settlement of disputes - both commercial disputes and matrimonial cases involving business assets. And if you’ve decided to retire (or would like to dream about it!) then we can help you to find out how much your business is worth, and negotiate the best deal if you're buying or selling a company.

So many ways we can help you. Call us to get things going.

  • "I always find their services very efficient and they have removed the burden of my dealing with and understanding my accounts. I would highly recommend GMS for elite athletes and all businesses"
    Beth Tweddle, British Gymnast (Olympic Bronze medallist 2012)
  • "Thank you very much for all your help and services which have fully reached our needs. You have always been very supportive in all that we have required"
    Louis Smith, Gymnast (Olympic Silver and Bronze Medallist 2012)
  • "As an international athlete, paperwork and taxes are not my forte, but having GMS there to deal with it all, is a huge weight off my mind and I continue to do what I do best Skiing fast!"
    Emily Sarsfield British No.1 ski cross athlete